Only the prettiest people can work for Mark

Discriminating against job applicants based on their looks is wrong – but that had to be explained to Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

Lindquist has a documented history of making jokes like “She meets our hiring criteria” (hah hah hah) about female job applicants. In fact, a human resources manager in the Prosecutor’s Office “heard Lindquist ask several times if a female applicant was ‘HWP,’ meaning ‘height weight proportionate.’” [Busto independent investigation, p. 31]

It’s obvious that Lindquist’s behavior is inappropriate for a boss, let alone one who leads a public, taxpayer-funded agency. In fact, it’s so obvious it’s a wonder it had to be explained to him in the first place.

The conclusion reached by an independent investigator is inescapable: “Lindquist has made remarks about the physical appearance of [job] candidates and appearance is a factor in his decision-making.”